COVID-19 Safety Measures

Peak Performance Physiotherapy is happy to welcome back our patients. We want to ensure that all our patients and staff feel safe while in the clinic. We have put great consideration into establishing sanitary, safety, and social distancing measures in line with Ontario Government and regulatory college guidelines.

Below are the safety measures we have set up to ensure everyone’s health and safety.



  • A COVID-19 Screening and Consent to Treatment must be filled out prior to your visit to receive treatment. It will be sent to you via email 24 hours before your appointment. If you do not complete the screening prior to your appointment, you will be asked to complete it upon arrival to the clinic. Should the status of your health change, please notify us.
  • Patients are required to arrive at their scheduled appointment time only to avoid traffic in the clinic. If you arrive early, please wait in your vehicle or outside the building until your appointment time.
  • We ask that patients do not bring family members or other individuals with them into the clinic, unless the patient is under the age of 16 and needs to be accompanied by a guardian. This is to avoid increasing the amount of people in the clinic at a given time.
  • Hand sanitization is required upon entry to the clinic.
    • Hand sanitization is also required before/after the use of any equipment and after your treatment session.
  • Patients are required to wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth in order to receive treatment.
    • If you do not have a face mask, disposable masks are available for a fee of $2.00 at the front desk.
  • Patients may have their temperature taken by clinic staff. We have a touchless thermometer to help with this.
  • The reception desk and waiting area will be marked with social distancing signage.
    • We have made modifications to the waiting area and ask that you limit any time in this area, as well as respect social distancing guidelines.
  • You will be directed by a staff member upon arrival to the clinic.
  • We will only be accepting contactless payments.
    • Credit card information can be left on file and payments can also be made online or over the phone.
  • Areas that patients come in contact with will be consistently and thoroughly sanitized by clinic staff.



  • A COVID-19 Screening will be completed prior to returning to work.
  • Hand sanitization and hand washing will be performed upon entry to the clinic and after each interaction with a patient.
  • Each practitioner and administrative staff member will be required to wear a face mask at all times.
  • Each appointment will have an allotted turnover time at the end of the session to disinfect the treatment area(s) and limit the number of patients in the clinic at a given time.
  • Limited use and number of people in the gym area at a given time.
  • Staff will be maintaining social distancing measures among themselves to adhere to safety recommendations.

We know that our daily routines will feel different and take some getting used to as the community makes its return. With everyone’s cooperation, we know we will get through this period and back towards normal.

Thank you for your support and cooperation,
Peak Performance Physiotherapy


Experience the difference that our experience makes and find out what makes us the place for all your physiotherapy needs!

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Experience the difference that our experience makes and find out what makes us the place for all your physiotherapy needs!
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